AspenBio license agreement funds AppyScore development; CLL biomarkers could predict disease progression;

> Looking at the networks of genes and proteins in the tumor cells of people with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) could help to predict whether the disease will progress quickly or slowly. This would be useful because it could help doctors see which patients just need to be watched, avoiding unnecessary treatment, and which need urgent intervention. Press release | Abstract

> Investigations of the genomes of pediatric brain tumors have found genomic changes that could reveal targets for new treatment and highlight how already available drugs could be used more effectively. Press release | Abstract

> AspenBio Pharma's multimillion-dollar exclusive licensing-out deal for its entire animal health portfolio will help the company fund its focus on its blood biomarker-based appendicitis test, AppyScore. Press release

> Researchers at Trinity College Dublin are working on chemoresistance biomarkers in ovarian cancer. Abstract | Article

> KRAS mutations are poor prognostic factors for patients with lung adenocarcinomas, and patients with these mutations perhaps should be evaluated separately in clinical trials. Article | Abstract

> Studies of fruit flies lead to discovery of "cooperating" cancer genes that combine to cause aggressive disease. Press release

> International researchers have found potential diagnostic and prognostic molecular markers for childhood CNS primitive neuro-ectodermal brain tumors (PNETs), rare and hard to treat aggressive brain tumors. Abstract

> CardioDx's coronary artery disease gene expression test, CORUS, performs well in both women and men. Press release | Abstract

> Profiles of cytokine and angiogenic factors (CAFs) have identified markers that can predict outcomes for patients with metastatic renal-cell carcinoma treated with pazopanib. Abstract

> DNA methylation profiles of white blood cells could be used in diagnosing solid tumors. Abstract

> Chinese researchers have pinpointed SOX2 antoantibodies as potential non-invasive serum biomarkers for breast carcinoma. Abstract

> In Japanese men, lower omentin levels marked higher risks of metabolic disorders. Abstract

> In the SAPPHIRe prospective cohort, common ALDH2 genetic variants predicted development of hypertension in gene-environmental interaction with alcohol consumption. Abstract

And Finally… Jo Mullen, chief commercial officer, and Isaac Bright, vice president of corporate development, have joined the oncology diagnostic test company bioTheranostics. Press release