ArthroCare's net income surges; Boston Scientific's HQ move progresses;

 @FierceMedDev: Special Report: R&D advances in cancer Dx. Special Report | Follow @FierceMedDev

 @MarkHFierce: Medtronic wins with new study that touts merit of DBS for early Parkinson's. More | Follow @MarkHFierce

 @DamianFierce: The medical device tax is particularly treacherous for small companies, Theragenics says. Article | Follow @DamianFierce

> Rosetta Genomics ($ROSG) has locked down two more patents for its microRNA-based molecular diagnostics, furthering its stable of miRview-related holdings after a landmark court decision allowing companies to protect gene-related intellectual property. News

> ArthroCare ($ARTC) posted net income of $10.3 million last quarter, a big boost over the $51.4 million loss it took in the same period last year. More

> Boston Scientific ($BSX) is in the process of moving its headquarters from Natick, MA, to nearby Marlborough. Article

> A full-scale repeal of the medical device tax seems unlikely, but MedCity News' Veronica Combs has a list of tweaks that could make the charge more palatable. Story

> The latest Journal of the California Dental Association explores advances in salivary diagnostics. Item

> Mass spectrometry company Ab Sciex is jumping into in-vitro diagnostics, launching two assay devices that can identify inorganic and organic compounds in human samples. Report

> A blood test in healthy postmenopausal women could indicate increased risk of small areas of brain damage linked to memory loss. Story

> Reuters India looks at a new retinal implant that helps some blind people see again. Video

Biotech News

 @FierceBiotech: Sanofi rebuilds early-stage R&D strategy in thriving Boston/Cambridge hub. Story | Follow @FierceBiotech

@JohnCFierce: Gregoire exits Shire HGT one step ahead of new CEO's debut (any chance this is connected to new CEO selection?) Article | Follow @JohnCFierce

@RyanMFierce: Boehringer Ingelheim goes to Hungary for R&D software. Article | Follow @RyanMFierce

> Biotech startup scores $20M C round for OTC weight-loss product and diabetes med. Article

> Third Rock bankrolls cancer immunotherapy upstart with $47M A round. News

Pharma News

@FiercePharma: Pharma girds for battle against Medicaid-level rebates for 'dual eligibles.' Fought and won before, but this time? More | Follow @FiercePharma

@EricPFierce: Takeda and one of its contract manufacturers sanctioned by Japanese regulator. Plant ordered closed for 12 days. News | Follow @EricPFierce

@AlisonBFierce: 2012 marked the largest whooping cough outbreak in 50 years. A new vaccine-resistant strain may be to blame. Report | Follow @AlisonBFierce

> Eylea boosts Regeneron past estimates; Actelion hikes dividend for waiting investors. Story

> Merck to pay $688M in lawsuit over failed Vytorin study. Article

> Teva's at-risk Protonix launch could cost $2B-plus. News

Pharma Manufacturing News

> Takeda, CMO hit with sanctions by Japanese regulator. More

> Baxter beefing up cytotoxic manufacturing. Story

> Sanofi again turns to Waterford plant for production solution. Report

> Hospira moves forward with two plants in India. Article

Vaccines News

> Study: Untreated depression decreased effectiveness of shingles vaccine. More

> New whooping cough strain may resist vaccine. Story

> PharmaJet needle-free injector nabs WHO nod. Article

> EMA: Intercell can market Ixiaro in EU. More

> GSK flu vaccine additive under the microscope. Report