Ahead of BD deal close, CareFusion partners to sell ventilators, sleep apnea device

CareFusion ($CFN) has made a pair of marketing deals, one to sell a line of ventilation equipment from Breas Medical and the other to distribute a sleep apnea device from Apnea Sciences. The financial terms of both deals remain undisclosed.

The company will be the exclusive distributor of the Vivo line of life support and bi-level ventilators in the U.S. It's intended for home use and includes a series of ventilators and related products. The agreement may be expanded to include additional products and territories in the fusion.

CareFusion expects that the deal will give it a full range of ventilation products; it adds to the 8 brands of ventilators that CareFusion already markets.

The ApneaRx device--Courtesy of Apnea Sciences

As for Apnea Sciences, CareFusion will serve as the distributor for a recent contract with Kaiser Permanente Hospitals for its sleep apnea device, ApneaRx. It will manage all aspects of fulfillment for Kaiser, including shipments and customer service.

The device is a micro-adjustable, oral sleep apnea appliance that adjusts to the jaw in 1 mm increments up to 10 mm without straps or screws. ApneaRx was approved by the FDA in 2012.

ApneaRx is "the type of innovative patented product that advances best in care patient management and the only oral appliance CareFusion offers for the treatment of sleep apnea," Randy Clare, senior consultant of distribution management for CareFusion in the areas of sleep therapy and portable diagnostic devices, said in a statement.

CareFusion sells products including infusion pumps, IV connectors and sets, automated medication dispensing and patient identification systems, ventilation and respiratory products, surgical instruments and interventional medicine products.

Last quarter, it reported $1.07 billion in revenue, a gain of 16% from the same quarter a year earlier.

CareFusion is slated to be acquired for $12.2 billion by Becton Dickinson ($BDX) during the first quarter. 

- here are the releases from Breas and Apnea Sciences

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