Acetone breath test could mark heart failure; CFIDS is developing chronic fatigue biomarkers;

> Just breathe out, because exhaled acetone could mark the severity of heart failure. Abstract

> The CFIDS Association of America is sponsoring research on biomarkers for chronic fatigue syndrome and working with LogosOmix to create a biomarker hit list. Press release

> Chinese researchers tag CD24 as a laryngeal cancer biomarker. Abstract

> An EU-funded project known as RESPONSIFY is aiming to improve outcomes in breast cancer through genome-based biomarkers. Press release

> Two German companies, apceth, and Indivumed, are collaborating to develop tissue-based biomarkers to create cellular and gene therapeutics for the treatment of solid cancers. Press release

>The NIH is seeking licensees for secreted frizzled related proteins, sFRPs, which may have potential as biomarkers in cancer. Licensing opportunity abstract

> Selventa has been granted a patent for methods and techniques that support the discovery of biomarkers. Press release

> The Penn Heart Failure Study showed that a biomarker panel, including Critical Diagnostics' Presage ST2 assay, predicted chronic heart failure outcomes. Press release

> In cancer patients receiving thalidomide in addition to chemotherapy, circulating angiogenic biomarkers did not identify those patients who benefited from thalidomide treatment. Abstract

> Janssen Research & Development and Selventa have signed a research agreement in immunological disease to develop disease models using biologic data. Press release

> Wisconsin company Stemina Biomarker Discovery has received a $150,000 Small Business Innovation Research grant from the NIH to develop technology to find drug side effects. Blog post

And Finally… The University of Georgia has announced a $2.25 million funding opportunity for biomarker validation in a prostate cancer research award. Announcement