The 5 top trends for med tech in 2014

Stacy Lawrence and Varun Saxena

Most outstanding for med tech in 2014 is the influx of investor interest--as a wave of major M&A transactions opened the door for Wall Street gains and venture capitalists started to loosen purse strings that had been tightening for years.

As med tech's profile is rising among investors, the sector is also working toward unprecedented, perhaps even revolutionary, fundamental advances addressing major unmet patient needs in areas such as blindness, deafness, obesity and chronic pain. And the convergence of innovative materials with wireless and information technologies are making possible a whole new generation of diagnostic and health monitoring technologies.

In 2015, med tech will become even more amazing and, simultaneously, more mundane--as the promise of major breakthroughs as well as the ubiquity of health measurement and tracking continues to emerge. -- Stacy Lawrence (email | Twitter) and Varun Saxena (email | Twitter)

1. Merger mania remakes the landscape
2. Med tech tackles tough problems
3. The rapid consumerization of med tech
4. Google goes after med tech, along with other VCs
5. Reimbursement continues to be a challenge

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