23andMe and Genetech collaborate over Avastin markers; Parkinson's UK recruiting for biomarkers study;

> In the InVite study, the personal genomics company 23andMe is collaborating with Genentech to find genetic markers for responses to bevacizumab (Avastin) in the treatment of metastatic breast cancer. Website | Article

> As part of Parkinson's Awareness Week, Parkinson's UK is recruiting volunteers for the world's largest ever in-depth study of people with Parkinson's and their families, with an aim to find biomarkers for the disease. Article

> Mayo Clinic researchers have found a new type of molecular mutation that may shed new light on development and growth of different types of breast tumors. Release

> Florbetan as a tracer in PET imaging could spot amyloid plaques and help earlier Alzheimer's disease diagnosis. Article (reg. req.)

> Optical biomarkers may spot the patients who will progress from Barrett's esophagus to invasive cancer. Article

> RiboMed Clinical Services Laboratory has launched a multi-marker methylation prognostic test for grading gliomas. Press release

> Abbott has licensed biomarkers from Stanford University that could help to differentiate aggressive from nonaggressive prostate cancer. Press release

> NT5E has potential as a biomarker in primary and relapsed melanoma, as well as being a possible target for treatment. Abstract

> Metabolon and Takeda have created an alliance to focus on discovering therapeutic targets and biomarkers. Press release

> SOMALogic's SOMAscan proteomics technology has found a series of protein biomarkers in lung cancer. Press release

> Biomarker discovery is one of the targets for a new U.S. research team funded by Stand Up to Cancer. Article (reg. req.)

> Vermillion has received a patent for its urine biomarkers for ovarian cancer. Press release

And Finally… Genome BC is funding biomarker research at the Canadian PROOF Centre of Excellence to develop a blood test for a lung attack in COPD. Press release