Olympus Biotech jumps into CMO game

Seeing a boost in demand for biologics, Olympus Biotech is offering CMO services out of its Lebanon, NH, plant. 

The facility, currently used to manufacture Olympus' OP-1 products, is a 180,000-square-foot plant with two bioreactors and room to expand. Olympus said its future CMO clients can also tap into its downstream services, like quality assurance, scale-up and regulatory support.

"While the demand for biologics has increased dramatically over the past decade, so have the challenges associated with bringing them to market--the manufacturing considerations are among the most technologically complex, regulated and risky aspects of the process," Olympus Vice President Peter Gariepy said in a statement. "The Olympus Biotech CMO is designed specifically to address the critical needs drug developers have to increase their chances of success and find a highly experienced manufacturing partner with the expertise, flexibility and capacity to ensure the supply and consistent quality of the end product."

The company said it saw an increasing number of monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins in the market, meaning there was money to be made as a manufacturer that can support full-spectrum production of biologics and pharmaceuticals.

Olympus Biotech isn't the only drugmaker looking to profit from contract manufacturing work. West Pharmaceutical Services ($WST) recently announced plans to build an injectables CMO plant in India, and Merck KGaA just opened a new preclinical manufacturing operation in France.

- read Olympus' statement

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