Novasep pours $3.7M into French API plant

CMO Novasep is investing €3 million ($3.7 million) to expand its highly potent active pharmaceutical ingredient production, pouring the cash into its Le Mans, France, facility.

Novasep is looking to bolster its production of anti-cancer APIs, a market the company says has exploded over the past few years. As targeted cancer therapies take the place of traditional chemotherapeutics, Novasep hopes to snag a share of the growing field by increasing its highly potent API capacity, Patrick Glaser, head of Novasep Synthesis, said in a statement.

"Manufacturing for the life science sectors is facing a series of challenges," Glaser said. "Drug candidates become more specific and personalized, whilst the economic climate demands more cost-effective and safe solutions."

The company expects to have its expansion up and running by 2013, replete with cryogenic chemistry technology and large-scale HPLC chromatography.

- read Novasep's release

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