YPrime Releases Interactive Response Technology (IRT) Version 2.0

MALVERN, Pa., Nov. 19, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- On Monday November 17th, 2014, eClinical software pioneer, YPrime, LLC released their latest addition to the YPrime clinical research software suite. Version 2.0 of their Interactive Response Technology (IRT) product is now available to pharmaceutical companies, academic institutions, and contract research organizations. Prime IRT 2.0 helps sponsors reduce their costs and timeline by utilizing configurable architecture, visual build process, and intuitive user-minded components.

Attendees at a recent industry conference in Philadelphia, PA agreed that the new platform offers, "The most advanced user interface available." YPrime's Director of Product Strategy and Innovation, Bryan Clayton, says, "We spent a lot of time making sure we can deliver a product that addresses real needs in clinical research." Clayton adds, "It is a highly configurable system that still maintains the capability to be customized."

The software builds on the pre-validated module philosophy of its version 1.2 predecessor, but also introduces several new enhancements including: re-architected reporting platform, one-click access to patient data, and robust clinical supply management. "We've heard from our clients that they need an eClinical partner that makes their job easier; not harder. That core philosophy is apparent throughout version 2.0," reports YPrime CEO Shawn Blackburn.

YPrime eClinical software currently supports over 10,000 system users, 2,500 clinical sites, and 13,000 patients in 35 countries. IRT version 2.0 is a cloud-hosted solution able to be translated to virtually all languages, and can be delivered through web browser, phone, or mobile device. The product also links seamlessly to other components of YPrime's eclinical platform including: Electronic Patient Reported Outcomes (ePRO), Electronic Clinical Supply Forecasting (eCSF), and Electronic Monitoring Visit Report (eMVR).

For more detailed information on Prime IRT 2.0, visit www.yprime.com/products/#irt or call 1-844-299-9208.

About YPrime, LLC
YPrime, LLC is a leader in software and technology used in clinical research, healthcare and IT. We help organizations use technology to increase productivity, reduce costs, minimize risk and grow strategically. Accurate information ... delivered faster.

Founded in 2006, YPrime is headquartered in Malvern, Pa., for more information, visit. Call 844-299-9208 or email [email protected]



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