YPrime Partners With Entech to Enhance Clinical Trial Technologies and Expand Its Global Delivery Capability

MALVERN, Pa., Nov. 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- YPrime, a provider of clinical trial software and services for the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry, has entered into a strategic alliance with Entech Consulting.  Under the terms of the agreement, Entech will partner with YPrime to expand YPrime's consulting and technology services beginning in November 2015.  Entech will be YPrime's strategic systems integration partner, helping YPrime speed software deliveries and execute their global expansion plans.  

"Joining forces with Entech gives YPrime's team the potential to tap into the minds of the innovative people from Entech and their Continuous Engagement Model.  From a technology perspective we are very excited to bring new ideas being used successfully in other industries and apply them to challenges faced by clinical research professionals" said Shawn Blackburn, CEO of YPrime.

For Entech, this deal illustrates the practical application of their Continuous Engagement Model (CEM) applied to Life Sciences.  Using the CEM model, Entech will help YPrime speed software deliveries and streamline customer deployments.

Jeffrey Milne, CEO of Entech, stated, "We are thrilled about this partnership.  It's a great business and cultural fit.  Both YPrime and Entech have business models focused on innovative processes and technologies that place the customer first. It's a perfect match."

About YPrime

YPrime, Inc. is a leader in eClinical solutions and technology used exclusively in clinical research, healthcare and IT.  YPrime's eClinical platform is currently serving patients and clinicians in over 83 countries in 90+ languages.  The YPrime team has experience implementing solutions for single-site Phase I trials to global Phase III and post market studies. Our unified platform has also been deployed to observational studies, as well as, healthcare and disease management projects.  The YPrime systems and services provide clients with real-time visibility to data and actionable information.  Dive deeper into the company's solutions at www.YPrime.com

About Entech

Entech is a global software, systems integration, and resource management solution provider.  Entech helps its clients acquire customers, connect their enterprise, and extend their business opportunities with solutions based on the Continuous Engagement Model – a holistic framework for customer centered business technology. For more about Entech go to www.entech.com




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