Wikis to open drug development sharing

Taking the open concept a step further is the Bioinformatics Organization, an open source practitioner that uses wiki software to let researchers post their models, questions, experiments and discoveries.

Bioinformatics President Jeff Bizarro says in LinuxInsider that the organization was created to allow researchers in the same discipline to share information with their peers. It's a central location for open source projects, now 27,000 members strong. They use the wiki site to post projects involving, for example, DNA and RNA sequence analysis, protein analysis and drug discovery.

The Bioinformatics Internet site currently notes the release of BioPuppy 2.0, a minimal Linux operating system and workbench for bioinformatics and computational biology. Version 2.0 is based on the current Linux kernel version on Puppy Linux 4.2.1.

Note the disquieting poll question on the Bioinformatics home page: Could computer models someday replace humans in clinical trials?

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