WHO tracks swine flu; Avidas Pharma launches VBioPharma;

> The World Health Organization, as of May 2, is not recommending travel restrictions related to the swine flu outbreak. "Limiting travel and imposing travel restrictions would have very little effect on stopping the virus from spreading, but would be highly disruptive to the global community," it says in an announcement. WHO also provides regular swine flu updates, including case counts, deaths, and countries affected.

> The National Center for Genome Resources (NCGR), which uses JMP Genomics from SAS to glean information from research findings, has won a 2009 Bio-IT World Best Practices Award for research into the genomics of schizophrenia. Article

> Verticals onDemand, rebranded as Veeva Systems, notes that the first of 45 system users at Avidas Pharmaceuticals has launched the VBioPharma Specialty Care Edition SaaS CRM application. Release

> Software Labs has announced xFusion Automator, which helps companies integrate enterprise resource planning and customer relationship data. Release

> WaferGen Biosystems has signed research collaboration with Duke University Medical Center scientists for WaferGen's SmartChip Real-Time PCR System. Release

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