When all else fails, reposition

The provider of a service that helps drugmakers consider drug repositioning options is going global. The service, which evaluates the impact of compounds on microRNA, provides information to developers on the application and toxicology of compounds in various disease areas and covers a selection of modes of action. 

Scottish life sciences company Sistemic will set up shop in Boston. It will offer services for the development and application of novel drug discovery platforms based on the biology of small non-coding RNA.

Some in the sleepy investor community are willing to gamble on the repositioning idea, which represents a means of rescuing expensive development efforts that don't yield marketable drugs. Privately held German biotech Kinaxo--which makes technology tools for drug mode-of-action analysis, cellular target profiling, drug repositioning, and biomarker identification--has just completed a financing round that saw the addition of two new funders.

Currently available tools include Invitrogen's NCode Profiler data analysis software for microRNA profiling.

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