Welcome to the first issue of FierceBiotech IT!

Welcome to the inaugural issue of FierceBiotech IT, devoted to the information technology needs of the biopharmaceutical industry. IT software and systems are now entrenched in the processes of drug discovery, development, and commercialization. Our point of view is that the companies best able to integrate their internal enterprise processes with evolving IT capabilities hold a competitive market edge. Watching them, and reporting on IT technology as it evolves, is the way in which we can equip our readers to position their companies for success.

The topics we will cover include any IT-related technology, product or service that automates aspects of drug discovery and development, clinical trials, manufacturing and supply chain, adverse event reporting, and regulatory submissions, as well as software and IT standards developments applied to biopharmaceutical processes.

We're interested in case histories of IT implementations, but even more interested in your opinions based on implementation experience of how biopharma companies today rely on an IT infrastructure to succeed in business.

Please send your ideas and announcements, as well as critiques and suggestions, to the FierceBiotech IT editorial team: George Miller, ([email protected]), and Maureen Martino ([email protected]). We look forward to hearing from you! - George

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