Trial site plans social net outreach

The Quintiles Internet site, which aids prospective subjects in their search for clinical trials, is intended as more than a simple directory, says Dave Coman, senior VP for patient recruitment at the contract research giant. "Our role is making sure that patients understand the role of clinical trials. That's the uber-issue--patient awareness, understanding, participation."

Along these lines, the site includes background and historical information on clinical trials and the role they've played in the more than 1,000 drug approvals over the past 40+ years. Also included are short videos of trial subjects describing their experiences.

Coman says that the site has been in sustained development for about six months prior to its launch last week, following conceptualization about a year ago. He estimates that more than a hundred people--partners, investigators, customers, patients and other stakeholders--have had a hand in its development.

The team currently has "a lot in development to enrich the patient experience--some in creating communities;" he wants to create "more a of a community experience."

Paid advertising through search engine marketing is the initial tactic in driving people to the site. Traditional and social media efforts are next, he says. "We're now setting up pages on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube." He intends to also work with patient advocacy groups, looking for partnering opportunities. Communication with investigators is primarily achieved via event exhibitions.

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