System combo manages data deluge

Business intelligence software giant SAS has teamed with data management solutions provider GenoLogics to address the data deluge swamping genomics centers. The companies have integrated the Geneus lab and data management solution with the JMP Genomics statistical discovery application. The combo provides a system for managing and analyzing large genomic data sets, according to an announcement.

"This solution can help bridge the gap between raw sequence reads and downstream statistical analysis," says Shannon Conners, product manager at JMP, in the announcement.

Here's how it work: Geneus manages sample information and user workflows, and summarizes raw data from genomic data sets. JMP Genomics then provides interactive downstream analysis to uncover patterns in high-throughput genetics, expression microarray and proteomics data.

The companies say they expect the integration to help researchers generate high-quality genomic data sets and apply statistical analysis tools to identify key information hidden in long lists of candidate genes or biomarkers.

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