Symyx software helps bridge biologic/chemical gap

Sunnyvale, CA-based software firm Symyx Technologies has released the Symyx Direct 7.0 data cartridge for registering, searching, and retrieving chemical and biological entities stored in relational databases. Direct 7.0 is designed to help multidisciplinary R&D teams manage macromolecular sequences and chemical structures stored in a single, searchable corporate registry system. With the expanding role of biotech in drug development, the company says its product will help researchers reduce off-target drug effects and improve stability of chemically modified short interfering RNA (siRNA) sequences, peptides, and other large molecules.

"Biologics now represent over 30 percent, and in some cases over 50 percent, of our customers' product pipelines," said Dr. Trevor Heritage, Symyx Software president, in a statement. "Responding to our industry's critical need for end-to-end combined biologics and chemical acquisition, registration, and management--and guided by our Biologics Advisory Board--Symyx is pleased to introduce an enhanced data cartridge that improves the management and re-use of broader, deeper IP in today's increasingly integrated chemical and biological R&D environment."

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