Survey: Data tracking complexity on the rise

Tracking and reporting clinical trial data have become more difficult tasks over the past few years, according to 40 percent of respondents to a recent survey. The difficulty stems in part from greater trial complexity and a changing mix of trial types. Traditional pharma remains the lead trial starter, but investigator- and NIH-initiated trials are increasing rapidly.

In the December study, Clinical Research Site Training finds also that there is limited awareness of web-based information resources available to investigators and the trial team. Among those who are aware of resources such as the Society of Clinical Research Associates and First Clinical Research websites, only a portion takes advantage of them.

The survey results point to a "growing need for cross-site information sharing," says CRST. It also suggests added training on conducting trials in greater numbers and complexity.

The survey encompassed more than 500 clinical site researchers. Questions were framed to identify trial trends over the past three years.

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