Study probes social media use in regulated industries

Drug companies interested in pursuing a social media strategy--for clinical trial recruiting as well as other business areas--need to make their first step the research of regulations on disclosure and reporting. That step tops a list of four identified by FedEx and Ketchum in an evaluation of corporate social media use.

The study includes details from companies in regulated industries.

In addition to the regulatory homework, survey participants from regulated industries told researchers that managing internal stakeholder expectations and identifying internal champions from across the enterprise were important. One participant said finding a strong social media advocate on the compliance team "made all the difference in the world" in terms of selling social media to executives.

Participants in regulated industries said also that those in "particularly risk-averse cultures" should consider focusing social media outreach on such specific themes as corporate responsibility.

The study also repeats the oft-cited finding that corporate engagement in social media requires sustained participation, rather than occasional use.

- see the FedEx-Ketchum release
- here's the study (PDF)

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