Stallergenes resumes work after IT-related shutdown, hires head of tech ops

Stallergenes Greer has resumed production at its plant that was blighted by IT problems. The restart of manufacturing comes nearly two months after regulators found that the IT system introduced at the site in August was causing operational disruptions and erroneous product deliveries. 

In the intervening months, Stallergenes Greer says it has resolved the problems created by the IT system, putting it in a position to resume producing Oralair, Actair and Alyostal Venom at the facility in Antony, France. The issues faced by the plant were severe enough to force Stallergenes Greer to recall all products manufactured there since the IT system was introduced in August. Now, with the site back in operation, Stallergenes Greer is pushing to make the products available to patients as soon as possible.

The attempt to get back to normal is happening in parallel with efforts to prevent the manufacturing network from ever again suffering such a disastrous introduction of an IT system. Stallergenes Greer has hired Tibor Nemes as global head of technical operations to support this process. Nemes worked at Novartis ($NVS) for 8 years, rising to the head of operations for manufacturing strategy and business development and licensing within global technical operations, before joining Stallergenes Greer.

Management at Stallergenes Greer think this background gives Nemes the credentials to help guide the company's IT and manufacturing teams through the back end of a tough period. "Given his background and the recent challenges at our Antony site, the timing of his arrival at Stallergenes Greer is ideal," CEO Fereydoun Firouz said in a statement. "Tibor will lead our technical operations organization, craft our global manufacturing strategy, and ensure our teams execute to the highest standards of operational excellence."

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