Software update features analytics

Yet another offering intended to aid in clinical research data sharing is ChemBioOffice 2010, the latest release of scientific desktop applications for chemists and biologists, from CambridgeSoft. Like its predecessor, the update targets both investigators at their desktop systems and those working collaboratively across an organization.

The 2010 release includes StatSoft's Statistica analytics software in addition to updates to the software core of ChemBioDraw, ChemBio3D and ChemBioFinder with ChemBioViz, the company says in an announcement.

BioDraw now includes pathway templates that allow chemists and biologists to share a single document format for communications. Enhancements include rotation about arbitrary centers, ChemScript integration, and support for full RBG Color.

ChemBio3D adds modeling and 3D structure analysis features, the announcement says, and ChemBioFinder with ChemBioViz provides clustering analysis along with integration to Statistica.

- see the CambridgeSoft release