Software aids cancer diagnostics; biomarker test evaluates glioblastoma treatments;

> BioImagene has unveiled specialized algorithms for use with its Virtuoso software that can help pathologists assess diagnostic tests that indicate patient suitability for specific cancer therapies. Announcement

> DecisionDx-GBM is a biomarker test available from Castle Biosciences that helps predict patient outcomes to treatment options for glioblastoma multiforme, the brain cancer to which U.S. Senator Edward Kennedy succumbed. Release

> The J. David Gladstone Institutes and Alitora Systems have teamed to further develop Alitora's biotech and pharmaceutical organization collaboration software, tapping the Institute's store of bioinformatics know-how. Article

> Pacific Biosciences researcher Eric Schadt, in combining mathematics, biology and supercomputers, is finding that the mechanisms of human disease may be far more complex than previously thought. Article

> Ensur, Mystic Management's document control software, has been selected by Mersana Therapeutics for document and version control of key quality content, in conjunction with the introduction of a second lead product candidate. Release