Social media key to clinic team recruiting

Social media are developing not just as recruitment tools for clinical trial subjects, but also for clinic employees. The networking websites where prospective employees look for information and communicate with peers will yield greater recruitment success than traditional means.

Clinical lab testing in particular is suffering a shortage of scientists and medical technologists. One reason: a 1990s mindset in the HR department, says Peggy McKee, CEO at PHC Consulting, in Dark Daily. Local and trade magazine ads, headhunters and temp agencies are not only ineffective now, she says, but also the most expensive ways to recruit and hire for the clinic.

The job candidates that most clinics seek are surfing Facebook, MySpace and similar social networking sites, she says. They're likely not in the lunch room reading help wanted ads in lab magazines.

Instead, they are bookmarking favorite sites and sharing them with their friends and colleagues at work. They are also texting each other with trade gossip, says McKee, and the latest news about other labs in their community.

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