Screener aids efficiency through visualization

The recent release of the Screener 7.0 lead-discovery software from Genedata boasts efficiency enhancements in addition to the processing enhancements reported earlier. In the company's product line, Screener sits between siblings Phylosopher, for target discovery, and Expressionist, for biomarker discovery.

The efficiency improvements in version 7.0 of the high-throughput screening system concern both visualization and programming interfaces, says the company's U.S. managing director, Kurt Zingler.

The improvements "focus on the analysis of high-content data and on tools to improve the analysis and comparison of data across assay readouts," says Zingler. Many customers "used Screener 6.0 and 5.0 to look at high-content data but they couldn't do as much with it as they can with version 7.0."

The new version advances high throughput screening, high content screening, and multi-component analysis, he says. Screener comprises: Database Explorer; Assay Analyzer with kinetics and high-content add-ons for primary assays; Condoseo for dose response curve-fitting; and Hit Profiler for hit-to-lead development. Visualization enhancements (scatter plots, as one example), are intended to help researchers understand and manipulate high volumes of increasingly complex data.

Additional application programming interfaces emphasize open systems, to speed data import from various sources.

- here's the Screener 7.0 announcement

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