Sanofi creates diabetes mobile app for kids; Icon looks to risk-based monitoring for savings;

> Sanofi ($SNY) has created a mobile app that encourages kids with Type 1 diabetes to regularly log their blood glucose levels. Piece

> Icon ($ICLR) thinks it can cut costs by adopting data-driven, risk-based monitoring of clinical trials. Transcript

> Janssen has joined public-private drug discovery partnership Structural Genomics Consortium. Release

> Computational modeling alliance Orion Bionetworks is working with Thomson Reuters to further understanding of multiple sclerosis. News

> Personal Genome Diagnostics has partnered with MolecularMD to use next-generation sequencing for personalized medicine services. Article (reg. req.)

> BioDatomics has introduced an open source suite of next-generation sequencing data analysis software. Post

> BGI Partners is to buy 50 Ion Proton Sequencers from Life Technologies ($LIFE). Item