Researchers wrestle a matter of semantics

Tools to find "intersections in science" that can speed drug discovery are the objective of a semantic technology effort now underway by Alitora Systems and The J. David Gladstone Institutes. "Throw-away data in one area of research, may be critical in another," says Bruce Conklin, a senior cardiovascular disease investigator at Gladstone.

Semantic technology lets researchers search document and database information in a single network, according to an announcement. The searches are said to find information based on relevant meaning rather than keywords, yielding information from previously published work--even in other disciplines. 

"Meaning-based search technologies reveal closely related information not easily found through regular search strategies," says Alitora CEO Peter Berger, in the announcement.

Separately, semantic technology practitioners are collaborating on a project called SEALS, for semantic evaluation at large scale. The goal is to develop an infrastructure for remote evaluation of the technologies to help researchers compare them.

- read the announcement
- here's information on SEALS

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