Report probes pharma data mining; early Internet offers cloud insights;

> Data Mining in Drug Development and Translational Medicine examines data mining in both translational drug development and pharmacovigilance, the latter of which involves analysis of large volumes of interconnected data. The report presents efforts to make separate databases compatible and case studies illustrate the use of data mining and analysis to investigate relationships between marketed drugs and adverse events. Executive summary

> Internet architects Vint Cerf and Tim Berners Lee are finding parallels to inter-cloud computing, and therein solutions to current tech challenges. Article

> A service enables life science companies using FIZ AutoDoc to simplify content retrieval workflow and improve internal visibility into electronic content spending and regulatory compliance. Release

> The International Society for Central Nervous System Clinical Trials and Methodology will focus on adaptive clinical trials at its conference this October in sessions spanning concepts of adaptation to how trials with pre-specified design modification might expedite the regulatory approval process for specific indications. Agenda

> Interactive Medica has launched the IM Framework, a front-office Internet-based applications suite for pharmaceutical commercial requirements. Release

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