Portal aids trail safety data management; Local efforts beat Internet for subject recruitment;

> ERT has launched an online web interface, My Study Portal, aimed at enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of cardiac safety data management in clinical trials. Announcement

> Local efforts have been found more effective than patient registries and Internet recruiting for finding Alzheimer study participants. Release

> Sun Microsystems vice president and CTO of cloud computing Lew Tucker will deliver the keynote address at the IDG CloudWorld conference, taking place in mid-August in San Francisco. Announcement

> Shanghai-based CRO Sundia MediTech has acquired Protein Folding Shape Code (PFSC) technology for drug discovery from Indianapolis-based Microtech Nano. As part of the deal, Microtech founder and president Jiaan Yang joins Sundia as vice president for drug discovery technology. Announcement

> A voice message that takes 79 seconds to hear takes but six seconds to read. "Voice mail is a dead service as it stands today," says voice-to-text transcriber PhoneTag. Another option: visual voice mail that shows users a list of calls that they can listen to in any order. Article