Pfizer ($PFE) virtualizes to see acquisition's R&D data

Peter Green led development of Pfizer's ($PFE) OneSource platform, which integrates R&D data across the company to give execs a detailed view of the drug-development pipeline. He's director of business integration at the drug giant, meaning the view he creates incorporates the data from such acquired companies as Wyeth and Warner Lambert.

In the case of Wyeth, the OneSorce virtualization approach yielded integration of Wyeth's R&D pipeline data within less than a week of the deal being finalized.

In developing the OneSource platform, Green migrated away from conventional extract, transform, and load (ETL) batch processing to a central data warehouse set-up, and then onto its virtualized approach. Pfizer now uses data federation technology from Composite Software to map directly to data sources to create a virtual view of the data, he tells InformationWeek.

The approach lets data managers agree on data definitions and metadata and then map, test, and deploy integrated views through Composite's abstraction layer, the article says. Virtualizing data does away with copying and merging, yet it provides an integrated view of all mapped data.

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