Patients mutiny on trials/treatment ship; Uncle Pharmacovigilance wants you;

> In what might the medical community might consider an uprising, thousands of patients are banding together online, starting Internet sites to help each other decide which clinical trials show promise and which experimental treatments are bunk; which practitioners to see and which hospitals to avoid. Article

> A pharmacovigilance study targeting new models for tracking and analyzing adverse events--including information flow, budgets and staffing, and outsourcing--is being started by Cutting Edge Information. Announcement | Join the study

> StudyManager's clinical trial management system now bundles electronic informed consent with EDC, thanks to a partnership of the CTMS provider and ConsentSolutions. Release

> OmniComm's TrialMaster EDC now connects with Microsoft HealthVault, for the co-mingling of personal health data with clinical trial data. Release

> Lymphoma expert Bruce Cheson from Georgetown University Hospital has joined the scientific advisory board at Perceptive Informatics. Story

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