Paperless process aids trial start-up

Site recruitment and study start-up documentation are getting a boost from an alliance between Adobe Systems and secure-collaboration company IntraLinks. The partners say they are developing a tool to provide trial managers a tightly integrated platform for electronic data capture and for the secure management, organization and sharing of content across firewalls with sponsors, CROs and investigative sites.

Once an electronic form is created using Adobe LiveCycle enterprise suite, IntraLinks' validated platform manages the external workflow to organize, distribute, collect, and track e-forms across the firewall via email notifications and an e-form submissions process. LiveCycle ES then completes the paperless process by retrieving the completed forms from IntraLinks and routing them through internal review. 

LiveCycle ES software provides integrated data capture, information assurance, document output, process management, and content services that help users maintain regulatory compliance.

As reported earlier, both Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader with LiveCycle Reader Extensions ES meet the SAFE BioPharma digital identity and signature standard.

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