PacBio's tech helps track genome of deadly German E. coli; PLOS looks at filling 'resolution gap' in genome models;

> PacBio's sequencing technology helped researchers track the genome of the recent deadly E. coli outbreak in Germany. Blurb

> Exploristics, based in Belfast, has a new software product out that the company says will act as a virtual simulation tool for clinical research trials. The software will help researchers make sure all test and refine all processes before they begin their work. And the company is investing more than £180,000 (about $294,000) into the project, with help from Invest Northern Ireland. Article

> The past 10 years have seen dramatic breakthroughs in experimental data on 3-D genome organizations. New computational approaches are beginning to leverage this data. A review in PLOS Computational Biology looks at new approaches for integrating experimental data with polymer physics, briding what the authors are calling a "resolution gap" in our ability to model genomes. Review

> Sapio Sciences releases its Exemplar LIMS Web Client 1.0, which is a lab information management system, electronic notebook and scientific data manager configurable to each lab's specific requirements. Item

> Pilot studies of DecisionView's StudyOptimizer has convinced Merck that the predictive analytics platform will help get clinical trials done on budget and on time. StudyOptimizer is a cloud-based application for planning, tracking and optimizing clinical trial enrollment performance, a Merck official says. Article

> Life science software developer Premier Biosoft has completed its acquisition of Redasoft, which markets sequence analysis software Visual Cloning. Release

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