Oracle targets subject recruitment at hospitals

Oracle is putting its integration know-how to work on one of the most difficult of clinical trial tasks: subject recruitment. And it's doing so in one of the most difficult environments, though one of the richest in candidates: the hospital.

The software giant aims to develop interfaces that can tap the disparate sources in hospitals that contain patient data relevant to trial subject screening. The idea is an IT overlay that provides access to data captured by the hospital to populate such non-hospital databases as the American Heart Association's or the American College of Surgeons' on infection prevention, for example.

Such sources can be a goldmine of screening data. But they're outside the hospital's IT ecosystem, says Bio-IT World. The overlay will poll data in a standardized way to help identify trial candidates.

The work is part of an effort by the Partnership to Advance Clinical electronic Research, which Oracle joined recently. PACeR is working also with the HL7 and CDISC industry groups to agree on the common data that should be captured. 

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