Oracle's CDA 2.0 enhances transactional data analytics

Just eight months after Oracle unveiled its Clinical Development Analytics software, the software giant has released an upgrade. Version 2.0 takes the product beyond its initial data management focus, the company says.

Oracle simultaneously upgraded its Life Sciences Data Hub to version 2.1.4.

Clinical Development Analytics 2.0 attempts to improve trial visibility to address the needs of high-level decision makers. It addresses some of the shortcomings of offerings intended to provide trial analytics based on the single version of trial data created by the software's unified e-clinical elements, including EDC, clinical data management and clinical trial management.

The question when version 1.0 the product launched last February was whether the software provided the clinical data analytics holy grail sought by the totality of trial stakeholders. Analyst Ruchi Mallya, while acknowledging the ambitious mission of the software at its launch and Oracle's attempt to tackle the life sciences industry's costliest processes, wrote that she hoped future releases would show greater synergies between the software and such transactional elements as EDC.

Version 2.0 appears to be stepping up to the challenge. The upgrade "expands beyond the product's original focus on clinical data management," according to an announcement. It sources data from Oracle's Siebel Clinical Trial Management System as well as the Oracle Clinical and Oracle Remote Data Capture systems.

In addition, it boasts 360 pre-sourced metrics and associated attributes to give users a more informed view of trial and program performance. And it lets them tap into the pre-built data warehouse to create self-service business reports.

Oracle's simultaneously announced upgrade of Life Sciences Data Hub 2.1.4, a repository of clinical, non-clinical and safety data comprising elements of the unified environment, expands business intelligence capabilities based on Oracle's Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, the company says.

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