Ops data-sharing sharpens planning

Performance measurement is tops among the areas that companies say they need to improve for product portfolio management purposes. It's especially the case at mid-sized companies but true across the board, according to a survey conducted recently by ClearTrial.


The study finds an operational disconnect between long-range planning and project-level activities: 76 percent of survey respondents say they are under increasing pressure to improve portfolio management efficiency, yet 87 percent complain that they lack visibility into key project-level operational metrics.

Among clinical trial operations variables is subject recruitment, which can have a big impact on study timelines. Recruitment delays can cause a ripple effect, setting back all project milestones. The better the trail-recruitment performance, and the more accurate and timely the data captured and reported, the better for portfolio managers. More timely and available data leads to improved budgeting and corporate planning.

The chart comes from the study, Trends in Portfolio Management, which we reported last week. Researchers surveyed senior managers in portfolio management, corporate strategy and clinical operations.

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