Ops can cripple even high-falutin trials; Europe seeks project proposals;

> In particle-accelerator development and drug development alike, advanced science and sophisticated experimental design do not inoculate studies against operational issues. Article

> The Innovative Medicines Initiative, a European government/industry partnership, has launched its second call for proposals, inviting research consortia to submit their ideas for projects on nine scientific topics. Article

> Millipore has implemented Thermo Fisher Scientific's Watson lab information management system for its preclinical and clinical development services group. Release

> A service for the delivery of novel lead candidates in the form of a rich data set and high quality compound samples is being offered by InhibOx in the UK and MolPort of Latvia. Announcement

> The VaryScreen ADME-Tox workstation from Hudson Robotics provides automated profiling of the absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion properties of drug molecules. Release