OmniComm unleashes products, wins

E-clinical solutions provider OmniComm Systems went to town last week, unveiling a Microsoft .net solution for Phase I trial process automation and two contracts for its TrialMaster electronic data capture solution. The big week comes on the heels of the debut of OmniConnect, an Internet-based web application programming interface for standards-based data management.

The .net solution is called TrialOne. Functionality encompasses subject recruitment, screening scheduling and real-time data capture for early-phase studies. Validation accompanies bedside and subject-queue data capture. Workflow technology aids sample processing automation, the company says, and the solution supports "myriad" directly attached biomedical monitoring devices. It also supports data sharing via the Internet and ad-hoc reporting in Adobe PDF, Excel and Word.

Meanwhile, the company's TrialMaster EDC solution was selected by an east coast biotech for an upcoming Phase II study concerning a central nervous system disorder. It was also selected by a pharma company for the Phase III study, which also involves a central nervous system disorder. The company reports that the contracts are valued at $300,000 and $200,000, respectively.

Late last month, OmniComm released OmniConnect, a representational state transfer (REST) web service application programming interface based on the operational data model dataset of the Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC). The offering targets interoperability of real-time data capture and management capabilities in an integrated database. OmniComm partner PharmaPros, maker of the Dataflow Manager trial management system, has used the API to support real-time reporting requirements for three studies, the company says.

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