Omnicomm tool speeds lock-to-submission time

Targeting improvement in time-to-submission from data lock, Omnicomm has released the TrialMaster Export Utility. The utility is part of the version 4.1 release.

It's a drag-and-drop tool that lets users define export data domains. They can also map and transform the data collection data model to the export domains, and map to the CDISC study data tabulation model.

A validated mapping utility provides for repeatable exports in the SAS and ASCII formats in addition to CDISC SDTM. Mapping can be performed once the data collection model has been defined, and before the final data has been collected.

Once data is locked, exports are ready to run immediately, the company says.

A year ago, Omnicomm announced TrialMaster EDC solution contracts with two unnamed drug sponsors. At about the same time, the company unveiled TrialOne, a .net solution for Phase 1 trial process automation.

- see the Omnicomm release