Offerings pit interoperability vs. integration

Interoperability and integration remain the two big nuts to crack in the automation of clinical trial functions, which holds promise of data efficiencies and cost savings in drug development. The two "inte-s" currently stand between the clinical researcher community and widespread adoption of e-clinical systems.

A recent Data Monitor report notes that, in terms of such efficiencies leading to reductions in cost and time to market, "interoperability is the key to the future." It also notes that pharma companies lack expertise in interoperability, so they must rely on outside help. The 52-page, $3,395 report probes the question of whether it's better to adopt stand-alone systems that require integration with other e-clinical solutions, or opt for an integrated platform to begin with.

Solutions provider DATATRAK is pursuing the latter course in its DATATRAK ONE offering. The product, according to the company, eliminates the need for integration of disparate systems by being built on a unified platform, which spans the company's offerings as "a concept of ‘One.'" The idea is providing all the elements of clinical trial data management in one online solution rather than a "patch-work" of technologies.

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