Novotech opts for open standards with Siebel

Australian contract researcher Novotech, having outgrown its homegrown SQL clinical trial management system, has signed on with Oracle for the Siebel CTMS. It's committed to $500,000 in licensing fees for trials at 400 hospitals and health clinics in the Asia Pacific region, says a local trade report.

Its homegrown system lacked scalability, the company says, constricting growth. One factor in its choice of the Siebel system is its open standards architecture, which will help with the CRO's plan to integrate the CTMS with the corporate finance system. That integration will provide traceability and auditability and help reduce the risk of errors due to manual data entry. The expected result: real-time, accurate reports, according to an announcement.

Novotech is about six weeks into the implementation. It recently completed a back-end virtualization project using VMware and moved its storage environment to a storage area network infrastructure.

Novotech says it expects the Siebel system to give it a consistent view of trials under way and provide status data across the company. It also expects that the common platform will contribute to operational efficiencies through reports and dashboards that aid both tactical and strategic decision-making.

- here's the announcement