Nonprofits to standardize disease-specific trial records

Two nonprofit developers are taking on brain disease by creating a storehouse of data to be contributed by drug developers from their trial data archives. The goal is precompetitive collaboration to speed drug development.

It's a follow-on collaboration for the Critical Path Institute and Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium. The duo built a CDISC-compliant Alzheimer's disease clinical database launched last June that now boasts the records of 4,000 volunteers from 11 clinical trials. The records were contributed by seven pharmaceutical companies. The database is available to researchers as a standardized platform for trial design.

The partners say they will now extend the standardized disease-specific trial data concept to precompetitive development efforts targeting Huntington's disease, ALS and multiple sclerosis. Data standards and better databases, they say in a local press report, will aid drug developers in designing more efficient trials while simplifying researcher communication and improving data-sharing efficiency.

- here's the article

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