NGDATA's Big Data Management Solution Now Certified on CDH4

 NGDATA's Big Data Management Solution Now Certified on CDH4

One of the First Enterprise Applications to Run on CDH4, Lily helps Fortune 1000 Organizations Act on Big Data to Reach Customers and Drive New Sales

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.--NGDATA™, the consumer intelligence solutions company, today announced that its flagship software solution Lily™ is now certified on CDH4 (Cloudera's Distribution Including Apache Hadoop Version 4.) One of the first enterprise applications to run on CDH4, Lily combines internal and external structured and unstructured data — from point of sale (POS) systems, enterprise applications, social media sites and more – into a single solution, making consumer insights actionable for enterprises. Lily uses machine-learning to generate a precise snapshot of consumer preferences and behaviors, providing businesses with a more personalized way to target consumers and increase sales and customer loyalty – in real time.

    "Enterprise organizations have been looking for a highly effective way to analyze and use the billions of data points they have access to"

CDH is the world's most widely deployed distribution of Apache Hadoop in commercial and non-commercial environments. Today, more than half of Fortune 50 companies run open source Apache Hadoop based on Cloudera. With tens of thousands of nodes in production, Cloudera has established itself as the category leader that is setting the standard for Apache Hadoop in the enterprise. CDH4 is a 100-percent open source distribution that combines Apache Hadoop with other open source applications within the Hadoop stack to deliver advanced, enterprise-grade features.

"Enterprise organizations have been looking for a highly effective way to analyze and use the billions of data points they have access to," said Luc Burgelman, CEO of NGDATA. "Analyzing just some of the data available to synthesize customer preferences is a highly inaccurate and ineffective way to market to customers. It is critical to really know the customer and be able to anticipate the products consumers will need based on their purchase history and behavior across many channels, including social media. We're excited to further develop our applications on the CDH4 framework to provide businesses with a comprehensive Big Data solution that provides them with a way to more effectively reach customers and drive profits."

The Cloudera Certified Technology program, which NGDATA has joined, makes it simpler for Apache Hadoop technology buyers to purchase the right cluster components and software applications to extract the most value from their data. Clusters that leverage CDH4 alongside Cloudera Certified Technologies, such as NGDATA's Lily solution, operate with reduced risk and lower total cost of ownership. Cloudera Certified Technologies have been tested and validated to use supported APIs and to comply with Cloudera development guidelines for integration with Apache Hadoop.

"Building a cluster from the ground up to run an Apache Hadoop cluster can be challenging. There are numerous choices to be made at all levels of the stack, and making those choices can be very complicated. The Cloudera Certified Technology program is designed to make those choices easy and reliable," said Tim Stevens, Vice President of Corporate and Business Development, Cloudera. "We're committed to helping enterprises achieve the most from their Big Data initiatives, and we're pleased that NGDATA has completed certification of Lily on CDH4."

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NGDATATM is the consumer intelligence company that empowers enterprises seeking greater customer lifetime value to drive continuous, actionable insights to enable sales and increase customer loyalty. The company does this through its unique combination of Big Data management and machine learning technologies in a single integrated solution. Headquartered in Gent, Belgium with offices in New York City and San Francisco, NGDATA provides solutions to data-driven sectors such as financial services, retail and media/publishing. Please visit for more information or follow on Twitter @ngdata_com or connect with the company on LinkedIn.

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