Networker aligns with contracting-software maker

Procurement software maker SourceSolution is collaborating with bioProcessUK, part of the HealthTech & Medicines KTN, to cross-promote each organization's products and offerings.

The HealthTech & Medicines KTN is funded by the UK's Technology Strategy Board (an executive non-governmental public body); bioProcessUK provides networking opportunities for companies, universities and funding bodies.

SourceSolution offers software-as-a-service tools to aid in outsourcing decisions. Its Startup Edition software allows biopharma users to cross-reference their projects against a list of worldwide contract manufacturing and research organizations. Professional Edition helps users generate requests for proposals and collect and store responses online; it also includes vendor and project management capabilities.

Under the collaboration, SourceSolution will offer its software tools at a discount to bioProcessUK members. bioProcessUK, in turn, will ensure that UK CMOs/CROs and member organizations are represented in the SourceSolution Startup Edition. bioProcessUK biotech members can purchase the Professional Edition at a discounted rate.

- here's the release

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