NCGR and Simbiot Inc. announce global, strategic partnership

NCGR and Simbiot Inc. announce global, strategic partnership

SANTA FE, N.M. and NEW YORK, July 8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- On Tuesday, the National Center for Genome Resources and Simbiot announced a strategic partnership to create new solutions for handling 'big data' in the genomics space.

The two groups are joining forces to launch Lumenogix NGS, a software platform that offers researchers unprecedented knowledge mining and control over their own next-generation sequencing data.

"We are excited to partner with Simbiot and help researchers handle genomic data on their own without specialized bioinformatics expertise," said Dr. Callum Bell, President of NCGR. "Working together we will deliver new and exciting solutions that connect NCGR's expertise and over 20 years in bioinformatics with Simbiot's innovative technical solutions."

"Today is about putting customers first," said Dr. Boris Umylny, CEO of Simbiot. "Together with NCGR we will deliver applications that solve significant technical challenges inherent in high-throughput biological data."

Lumenogix NGS includes:

  • Data analysis capability with five integrated pipelines and dozens of peer-reviewed algorithms.
  • Researcher-friendly interface allowing non-specialists to easily analyze complex data sets.
  • Data and information management, tracking samples through all steps of the data analysis process.
  • Painless integration with corporate IT infrastructure and regulatory environments.

Lumenogix NGS is available in three configurations:

  • Individual researcher accounts – hosted on NCGR's secure, private cloud,
  • Private servers that run on computer infrastructure of customer's choice and
  • Appliance – a hardware/software solution that provides customers with turnkey hardware and bioinformatic infrastructure.

Lumenogix NGS is available to commercial and academic researchers; please visit for additional information.

About NCGR
NCGR is a 501c(3) nonprofit research institute that applies bioinformatics, software engineering and next-generation sequencing to solve preeminent biological questions of the 21st century through collaborative research and services. To learn more about NCGR, please visit

About Simbiot
Simbiot Inc. offers the Simbiot SaaS platform and apps - providing PIs, researchers and others with a revolutionary centralized computational infrastructure for management and analysis of high-throughput nucleic acid data with a primary focus on data produced by next generation sequencing (NGS) devices.

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