Muhammad Ali joins Parkinson's fight with 23andMe; Biomatters taps former Roche/454 exec to lead U.S. ops;

> GenomeQuest, a maker of genomics software, has beefed up its GQ-Dx genomic decision support software to enable labs to produce diagnostic reports from next-generation sequencing data in a fraction of the normal time. Release

> Complete Genomics ($GNOM), the Mountain View, CA-based provider of genomic sequencing, has announced a software partners program and listed Ingenuity Systems, Golden Helix and DNAnexus as its charter partners. Announcement

> Carnegie Mellon researchers are creating software that strives to aid doctors in deciphering complex data from decoded patient DNA. Article

> New Zealand-based genomics software outfit Biomatters has tapped Karin Fredrikson, formerly of Roche's 454 Sequencing unit, to head the company's New Jersey and San Francisco operations. Release

> Amid its building of one of the largest databases of genetic info from Parkinson's disease patients, 23andMe has recruited former boxing champ Muhammad Ali to join its research initiative. Ali has gone many rounds battling Parkinson's. Release