MSD Launches the new Univadis

28th April 2013, Hoddesdon, UK – Today marks the launch of the new, extensively updated Univadis, MSD's essential medical website for healthcare professionals, in the United Kingdom. Established in 2001 has been providing high-quality, relevant and trusted information free-of-charge to healthcare professionals. Cutting-edge app-based technology, combined with an extensive library of medical information and resources, tailored to individual clinical needs, make the new Univadis an essential companion for a wide range of healthcare practitioners.

Partnering with some of the world's leading medical publishers such as The Lancet, British Medical Journal (BMJ) Learning, Elsevier and Springer, Univadis also benefits from partnerships with key sites such as GPnotebook and Trip Database, to ensure the provision of independent and relevant medical information. Univadis now provides an enhanced offering with a wealth of time-saving and educationally-enhancing medical applications supporting healthcare professionals in their daily practice through breaking medical news, accredited education courses, disease information and powerful point-of-care tools specifically tailored to their medical specialty.

MSD's Managing Director, Deepak Khanna says: "Since the release of The Merck Manual more than 100 years ago, MSD has been committed to supporting doctors and healthcare professionals by providing non-promotional health information. MSD's ongoing dedication to providing high quality and state-of-the-art resources to medical audiences is exemplified by the re-development of Univadis, and is in line with MSD's vision of delivering innovative health solutions."

87% of HCPs agree: "The Internet is essential to my professional practice."

The latest research* shows that 87% of healthcare professionals in the United Kingdom agree that the internet is essential to their daily work. Incorporating feedback from over 300 experts from around the world, the new Univadis provides an innovative online experience. By choosing from an extensive library of medical apps, healthcare professionals can personalise the portal to their own specialist disease area and clinical interests in more than 50 specialties. Users can easily navigate their way through the site to quickly connect to a wide range of news, research, study aids, tools and opinions all in one place.

Univadis also provides healthcare professionals with free access to more than 400 peer-reviewed and accredited online education courses, in partnership with BMJ Learning, to help expand their knowledge and expertise and to excel in their profession.

Editor in Chief of Univadis in the UK, Dr Harry Brown says: "For all healthcare professionals, medical education is a vital aspect of ensuring the best patient care possible. Univadis partners with leading independent partners, such as BMJ Learning which offers an extensive and trusted eCME library. By offering high quality and accredited online education courses and other valuable resources to the medical community, Univadis can really make a difference to many practitioners in the United Kingdom."

With its many innovative features, Univadis provides a powerful tool for use in patient consultations. A bank of visual aids, more than 58,000 medical images and wide-ranging disease information help inform patient-doctor conversations.

Medical journalists who wish to access credible information about the latest medical developments, comprehensive background on different disease areas and clinical papers can also register for access to Univadis.

*Source: Manhattan Research, Taking the Pulse, Europe 2011

About Univadis

Univadis is a free service from MSD exclusively for healthcare professionals, providing high-quality and relevant medical and scientific information. With a wealth of essential, time saving medical applications and a simple, customer-focused online experience, Univadis lets healthcare professionals quickly and easily access breaking medical news, accredited education courses and powerful point of care tools specifically tailored to each medical speciality and clinician's needs.

MSD has been providing information to healthcare professionals for over 100 years through the Merck Manual, one of the most trusted sources of medical knowledge worldwide. All the medical and scientific content on Univadis has been developed independently by carefully selected third-party sources including independent medical and scientific leaders, educational institutions, and medical societies and through exclusive partnerships with leading medical publishers such as BMJ Learning, The Lancet, Elsevier, and Springer.

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