MediSapiens Ltd Introduces BioIT Solution Bringing Personalized Medicine to Treatment of Cancer Patients at the Helsinki University Central Hospital

MediSapiens Ltd Introduces BioIT Solution Bringing Personalized Medicine to Treatment of Cancer Patients at the Helsinki University Central Hospital

November 24, 2015 02:48 AM Eastern Standard Time

HELSINKI--()--Leading Finnish BioIT company MediSapiens Ltd delivers the Helsinki University Central Hospital a web-based solution that enables more effective personalized medical treatment for leukemia patients based on individual drug response.

MediSapiens Ltd (, the leading Finnish bioinformatics software developer, provides the hematology clinic of the Helsinki University Central Hospital with a custom-made software platform that allows taking advantage of biological information to create more effective personalized medical treatment for patients with acute leukemia. The treating physicians can use the platform to analyze genomic data to make more accurate personalized treatment decisions based on how the cancer cells of their patients respond to various drugs. The software is currently in trial use at the clinic, and a larger scale deployment will take place during the year 2016.

Behind the platform development is a joint project of the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM), University of Helsinki and Helsinki University Central Hospital. The starting point of the project has been to search for new approaches to treat various cancers through personalized medicine. The project has resulted in developing methods for screening for a variety of individual drug responses using living cancer cells to find the right drug and dosage for each patient. The platform for managing research and patient data helps to make the individual patient's treatment more effective and to collect unique data which can be used in cancer research and development of new medicinal combinations.

"The new method enables producing large amounts of biological data. Utilizing it in practical every day patient care requires sophisticated data management and correct interpretation", explains Sami Kilpinen, CEO of MediSapiens. "The core competence of MediSapiens is in creating custom-made solutions to process complex biological data for research and health care purposes. Genomic information offers unlimited possibilities, of which the development of personalized medicine is an excellent example", Kilpinen continues.

Professor Jonathan Knowles at the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM) considers the development of software solutions enabling individual care an essential part of the evolution of modern medical science. "Personalized care is one of the most important medical advances today and requires solutions to a growing extent. Treatment can be considerably more effective if treatment decisions are based on individual data, and similar methods can certainly also be applied to other types of cancer. When genomic and clinical data are available in unlimited amounts, data management plays a critical role. MediSapiens is in a leading position in creating the necessary tools", Knowles states.

MediSapiens Ltd is a bioinformatics company specialized in pharmaceutical research and translational genomics, providing pharmaceutical and biomedical research organizations with tools that help them design more effective personalized drugs against life-threatening diseases. Established in 2009 and based in Helsinki, Finland and Cambridge, Massachusetts, MediSapiens creates intuitive software platforms to manage, integrate, and visualize complex multi-dimensional datasets, such as genomic sequencing data. The company's goal is to drive medicine forward by developing tools that provide scientists with a way to quickly analyze and visualize vast amounts of data and turn it into knowledge that fuels innovation. For further information, please visit

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Sami Kilpinen, CEO
Phone: +358458478878
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Marie Dyhr, Executive assistant
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