Medidata, Aris combine EDC and safety systems

Catering to customer choice in best-of-breed technology, Aris Global and Medidata Solutions have integrated the ARISg solution for pharmacovigilance and clinical safety with Medidata's Rave system for electronic data capture, management and reporting. The systems combination leverages the Rave Safety Gateway, an EDC-to-safety system interface.

The combination provides for the instant transfer of safety data from Rave to the ARISg safety reporting system. The automatic transfer cuts back on duplicative data entry, reduces adverse event reconciliation efforts, and expedites reporting to regulators, the companies say.

Aris already offers an EDC solution, agCapture, but the company says it "sees the value in giving customers the opportunity to leverage Rave Safety Gateway."

Medidata president Glen de Vries agrees. "This partnership is proof that one-size-fits-all and multiple legacy systems approaches are no longer valid in our market. Sponsors are savvier, the pressures on operations are greater, and there is no excuse for integrations that are less than seamless."

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