Lilly models doses; Absorption a cloud topic;

> Eli Lilly has been upgrading the computer-modeling systems it uses to help researchers decide the number of clinical trial subjects to enroll and how many levels of doses to test. Article

> At the University of Pretoria, students will be using cloud computing to study drug absorption rates and protein structure folding of a person's DNA once introduced to a certain type of medication. Announcement

> Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) has published a new document with a lengthy title: Laboratory Automation: Communications With Automated Clinical Laboratory Systems, Instruments, Devices, and Information Systems; Approved Standard--Second Edition. Announcement

> Computer hackers have started a new branch of the mile-high club. Using a rogue Wi-Fi network, they intercept airline passengers' laptop communications--concerning clinical trial results or details of a pending merger--that may lead them to financial gain. Article

And Finally... The day may not be far off when you can buy personal supercomputers at electronics retail shops. Article