Lilly (LLY) CIO considers cloud for clinic data

Although Eli Lilly's ($LLY) use of cloud computing is primarily based on its drug discovery efforts now, the company has regulated drug development in its sites. But there are cloud business matters that need to be cleared up before that will happen, the company says, and they go beyond data security. 

CIO Michael Heim tells InformationWeek that the drug giant's right to audit, to know where in the cloud its data resides, and to know the provider's disaster recovery plans are chief among them. That's where the IT team is focusing as it tries to expand its use of the cloud.

Heim acknowledges that drug discovery presents an ideal work set for the cloud: lots of data, compute-intensive, long run times. "Often we want to take data that we have, marry it up with data that's publicly available--could be big genomic data sets--look at all of that collectively, and then extract value. So they're very bursty," he says in the article. A continuing challenge, however, is data transfers to and from the cloud.

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